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Win More Deals with the Opportunity Planning Checklist

Use this quick and easy checklist to see how ready you are to find, pursue, and close the most important - and lucrative - deals.

Opportunity Plans that work? Check. ✔️

Sales pros can use this checklist to not only master the Five Factors, but also to create an opportunity plan capable of taking on - and winning - any deal.

From nailing discovery and building the right relationships to creating a clear path to close, this checklist has it all.

Download, do, and dominate.

What's Inside

The five fundamentals that help reps find, pursue, and close deals in the most efficient way possible.

A proven process all sales reps can follow to improve any opportunity, from first contact to close

Key details reps must know in order to boost an opportunity’s chances of success

Crucial steps many sales teams skip over or ignore - to the detriment of the deal

Want to win more opps? Sure you do.

To use this checklist, start with the first section and check off and/or fill in each item. By the end, you’ll see where your opportunity plan is strong, and where it’s lacking.

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