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RM Redirect Page - AP Template

Account Planning Software For B2B GTM Teams 

  • Map the account and influence key stakeholders faster
  • Find upsell and cross-sell opportunities more easily
  • Drive a consistent process in your CRM for strategic account execution
  • Clear ROI on retention rates, expansion, and win rates


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The Best B2B Sales & Operations Teams Trust Prolifiq

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This Demo Will Show You How Prolifiq Helps:


Use a drag-and-drop canvas to identify top contacts and relationships in your accounts and analyze their interest, influence, and support.


Report on how stakeholder engagement and the impact on win rates, sales cycles, account expansion success and more. Remove the guesswork from which deals are at risk.


Keep your sales team on target: Quickly see progress on goals and objectives that drive retention and expansion while turning Salesforce into your source of truth.


Quickly understand which accounts to prioritize and where your reps have the best opportunities for up-selling within your current customer base.

Account Plans ---> Account Growth