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The Essential Guide to Native Salesforce Key Account Management

A ready-to-use plan of action to take down the most valuable deals in your most valuable accounts.

The most lucrative sales opportunities come from major accounts that have the highest amount of potential value. But more value brings more complexity: more complicated relationships to navigate, more decision makers to find, and more consensus to build. To take down deals of this magnitude, you need a coordinated plan of attack. You need a key account management strategy that mobilizes all of your resources - not just for one deal, but for all potential deals to come. The Essential Guide to Key Account Management gives you actionable, ready-to-use guidance that lay out the step-by-step process you need for the biggest opportunities and accounts, and the knowledge to wield them with confidence.

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What's Inside

With all the changes in the sales landscape, you need the constantly evaluate and evolve your sales strategies. This guide will help you revamp your approach so you can provide your team with the right resources at the right time.

Use the five key essentials outlined in this guide to help you create an effective account-based selling program.

How to navigate complex accounts with ease.

Why ABS technology should complement Salesforce, not compete with it.

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