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Case Study:

Afresh Accelerates Account Growth with Prolifiq


The Results

The Afresh team saw an immediate impact leveraging Prolifiq's software, leading them to expand their usage of the tool. 

Quick wins came as Afresh was getting feedback from sales and support that the sales onboarding process was much better. Sales reps also noted that getting deeper into accounts was simplified when all of the information lived on a map, leading to a noticeably quick decrease in their average sales cycle length.

Growing Pipeline

31% increase in pipeline generated in the first 12 months from accounts with relationship maps.



Higher Win Rates

21% improvement in winning key accounts with maps versus the historical average.



Winning Key Accounts

15 % increase in revenue in key accounts with account plans and relationship maps in the first 12 months.




"Prolifiq is the single-best way of mapping out your key accounts and decision-makers so that your GTM team is engaging the right people, with the right message on a consistent basis to drive efficiency and revenue.”

Joao Almeida | Commercial Strategy and Operations Manager | Afresh

Joao headshot


Afresh Success Story

The Company

Afresh is changing how the world handles food waste, with a growing population and evolving needs globally. With nearly 1/3 of the world unable to access healthy food, Afresh is bringing solutions to the marketplace that better maximize the unused produce, and creating sustainable solutions in the supply chain to conserve water, energy and more.

Their Fresh Operating System makes it easy for store teams to place accurate orders that prevent waste and keep shelves stocked with the fresh foods we all love and need. And for grocery retailers, that means bigger profits and transformative progress toward sustainability goals.

The Challenge

Like many businesses, Afresh had challenges between different teams when it came to visualizing and strategizing on their most important sales pursuits and customer accounts, and the people within those key accounts. Teams were storing critical information related to relationships, customer challenges, needs, and more in disparate locations such as slide decks, spreadsheets, and Google Docs. The team wasn’t aware of who posed risk to a deal (blocker) or who they should leverage to get deeper into the account (champion).

With an urgent need for accessibility and collaboration across teams from individual contributors to practice leaders, Afresh turned to Prolifiq.ai to help alleviate these struggles and turn their efforts into more revenue. Joao Almeida, Commercial Strategy Manager, knew that the current way was never going to be sufficient for these demands. Vital processes such as a sales-to-customer success hand-off had issues, with a lack of information living inside of Salesforce to help guide the implementation and onboarding experience. This led to higher churn and misaligned expectations as new customers were beginning to use the Afresh platform.

Why Prolifiq

"Prolifiq was clearly the superior option in the marketplace, it wasn't that close", the Afresh team concluded. But Prolifiq was also competing against Google Suite and the status quo. Afresh chose Prolifiq because it became clear the plans would never be used again if they were static, and after extensive evaluation, Prolifiq’s 100% native Salesforce application was the right solution to drive more of this process in their CRM.

Being native to Salesforce complimented Afresh’s technology stack well, with relationship maps automatically being updated through external data sources and the “reports to” field inside Salesforce. Living on top of their Salesforce instance, the Afresh team also found the tool more intuitive and actionable, as they were able to create reports and dashboards on their key sales pursuits and customer accounts.

Joao provided insights for the team regarding the number of stakeholders typically involved in deals they won, who those personas were, and how many “supporters” they should expect to have over the course of a sales cycle. There were commonalities with “blockers" as well, which led to the marketing team targeting specific personas with content to help alleviate some of the concerns and resistance over time.


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