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Video 1: Intro to Account Planning: Why It Matters

In sales, sound strategy solves problems - and account planning is that strategy. This micro-series will touch on what account planning actually means, what it looks like in any sales space, and why you should care.

Video 2: 5 Steps to Close the Deal

This course will break down the key factors to putting together a quality opportunity plan and scoring system to accurately forecast which opportunities are most likely to close, and where reps should focus their time.

Video 3: Shift from Opportunity to Account Planning

You closed the deal. Now what? Ensuring proper documentation of customer objectives, a mutual success plan, and alignment on responsibilities with onboarding are critical to a smooth transition and happy customer.

Video 4: Tips To Find Whitespace That Help Reps Hit Quota

Getting more revenue from your current customers is much more cost-effective - and way less difficult - than finding new customers. Here, you’ll learn how to identify white space in a current account and create an actionable plan to harvest more deals beyond your first sale.

Video 5: How to Map Out Key Players for Expansion

Understanding who is involved in deals you typically win versus lose is a data-point all sales teams should have. The process of relationship mapping helps drive that knowledge, forcing you to understand who is influential, what kind of support they have, and then leveraging this data to win more deals.

Video 6: Account Planning Masterclass Recap

Learning is one thing: putting new knowledge into action is another. In this final lesson, you’ll learn how to use the building blocks covered previously to construct a better and more profitable account planning process from the ground up - and grow sales in any industry.